We offer our customers a comprehensive range of plastics recycling services, starting from received waste and ending with produced regranulate.

Implemented and constantly developed technologies allow us to manage raw materials in an efficient and effective manner. The quality of the final products is subject to ongoing laboratory monitoring.

If you are interested in cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail:
     mobile: +48 793 533 333                    e-mail: info@argusjm.pl or laboratorium@argusjm.pl

The scope of laboratory testing:

Determination of the Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR) [g/10min] melt flow tester
Determination of the Melt Volume-Flow Rate (MVR) [cm3/10min] melt flow tester
Determination of the density of non-porous plastic [g/cm3] pycnometer, electronic weighing scale
Determination of the moisture content of solids [percent of weight] moisture analyzer
Determination of the ash of a range of plastics (determination of the filler content) [percent of weight] muffle furnace
Determination of the continuity of the material and surface quality laboratory extruder