Many years of experience and practical knowledge have enabled us to specialize in the field of import of all kinds of machines for plastics processing and complete production lines.
We support both companies with long experience, and businesses taking their first steps in the industry.

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Film production lines and plastic bag making machines

Our company is an authorized representative of Ruian MINGDE Machinery Co., Ltd. whose leading business profile is production of various kinds of blown film machines, plastic bag making machines, and related products.

Please note the examples of lines below are for reference only. All machinery and equipment are designed and configured in each case according to customer needs.

Blown Film Machines

  • Machines are used to blow all kinds of plastic film such as LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE, etc.
  • They allow for the production of single and multilayer films of different widths, which are widely used in liquid packaging, clothing and textile packaging, industrial packaging, the agricultural industry, etc.
  • Fully automatic temperature control & regulation and double rewinding with automatic meter counting make it easy and convenient to operate.
  • Both of the barrel and screw are made of high quality alloy steel. Thus they have the advantages of optimum rigidity, hardness and good anti-corrosive performance.

Technical parameters

Applicable Material Film Width [mm] Film Thickness [µ] Extrusion Output [kg/h]
600 ÷ 1200
8 ÷ 80
40 ÷ 80
800 ÷ 3000
15 ÷ 150
50 ÷ 350
Single Layer Film Blown Machine
High Speed Single Layer Film Blown Machine
Two Layer Film Blown Machine

Production of variety of highly transparent packaging film. Applicable material: LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, EVA

Machine is able to meet customers' needs for higher quality and output film blowing equipment. Compared with like products, they boast more compact structure, higher quality of produced item, higher energy efficiency and easier operation, etc.

3-5 Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine

Technical parameters

Film Width [mm] Film Thickness [µ] Extrusion Output [kg/h]
1200 ÷ 2000
20 ÷ 150
120 ÷ 260

Plastic Bag Making Machines

  • These fully automated plastic bag and foil package making machines feature advanced solutions at a competitive price.
  • Each time the machine is designed to meet customer needs and provides the operator with ease of operation.
  • The control panel allows full configuration of parameters with the possibility of rapid changes of the settings and the size of the manufactured product.
  • Consequent production is possible by the failure-free operation of the machine, automated solutions and use of high-quality components.

Heat Sealing Heat Cutting Plastic Bag Making Machine
T-Shirt Bag Making Machine
Roll Vest Carrier Bag Making Machine